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  • Optimize your Physical and Mental Wellbeing
    with Nature’s Anti Inflammatory

    Spring of Life’s Premium Omega-3 Softgels have been clinically designed to provide optimum levels of the essential fatty acids EPA & DHA to…

    • Increase energy and promote a positive mood and well-being
    • Keep your brain tuned, prevent memory loss, and increase your ability to recall information
    • Support joint mobility and flexibility
    • Reduce inflammation
    • Support circulation and healthy blood vessel function
    • Increase fat burning and improve body composition

    And we promise the purest and highest grade Omega 3 Fish Oil on the market…

    • Superior natural Triglyceride Form to ensure fastest, easiest and best absorption in the body.
    • Sustainably sourced from the cold clean waters of South America.
    • Wild caught fish for maximum nutritional value and effectiveness.
    • Stringent quality pharmaceutical grade and 3rd party tested to make sure there are no toxic heavy metals, pesticides or other dangerous contaminants.
    • Highest & purest premium ultra concentration of EPA & DHA at the ideal ratio
    • Fresh lemon-lime taste and NO fishy after-taste
    • Premium Omega 3

      Your aim should be to take some of Spring of Life’s high quality fish oil with every meal and depending on your size, eating habits, goals, and exercise level, work up to the appropriate level of combined DHA/EPA per meal.

      Daily maintenance amounts as follows:

      Take 2-4 soft gels (1-2 grams EPA/DHA) total per day if you can see your abs even when you’re sitting, never eat any grain-fed meat, none of your joints hurt ever, and you have no auto-immune or inflammatory issues


      Take 4-8 soft gels (2-4 grams EPA/DHA) total per day if you are carrying around some extra body fat, any of your joins hurt, or you suffer from auto-immune or inflammatory diseases

      Note: Be sure to divide your daily intake across your meals equally for consistent absorption to your body.

    • Premium Omega 3 Ingredients

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